Claudine Braendle is a web developer based in Zurich, Switzerland specialising in Drupal architecture and frontend. Combining her experience of self-employment and work in agencies, she is a collaborative problem-solver.


Currently available for hire.

Drupal 8 / Sitebuilding / Architecture / Frontend Development / Project Management / Scrum PO / Scrum Team Lead / Editor Training for Content Managers

In 2018, Claudine started studying towards a Bachelor of Arts in history and sociology. She might be reading about the history of cyberculture or be busy writing papers during the semester, but can be booked in advance.



Combining the flexibility of freelance work with the satisfaction formed by long-term relationships is a goal that she always strives for. She is a semi-regular team member of the following companies:




Web developer & project manager

2018 – now

Amazee Labs AG

Project manager & team lead

2016 – 2018

Amazee Labs AG


2015 – 2016

Hinderling Volkart AG


2014 – 2015


freelance web developer

2007 – 2014